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Outreach Dimensions

Your First Visit (1 HR)

1. Comprehensive Intake

Our medical team will take you through an in-depth history of your medical condition and pain or addiction history.  They will examine all Psychiatric medications and conditions you may be taking to determine effectiveness and appropriateness.

2. Physical Examination

The team will check your vital signs and if necessary, the treating clinician  perform a minor physical examination if chronic pain is involved.

3. Urine Drug Screen

A urine drug screen will be performed to determine levels of illicit and other substances to help form a proper plan of care

4. Determination of Proper Medication and Treatment Plan

After reviewing all information from examination, the physician will determine what medication is needed to help manage the patients current state.  This is just an initial determination and all medications and treatment can and will be modified based upon symptoms and results.  

5. Schedule Follow Up and Find Resources

A follow-up appointment is scheduled after the visit and the length of time until the next visit is based upon the severity of the condition.  Case Management to find counseling, support groups, and sober housing recommendations are initiated, and our team will work with the patient to schedule and confirm appointments.