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Outreach Dimensions

Our Behavioral Health Program

Outreach Dimensions offers mental health and addiction treatment services at a variety of convenient locations.  At Outreach Dimensions, we help clients find their inner strength while on their journey to wellness, happiness, and long-term recovery.    Outreach Recovery utilizes evidence-based approaches and offers a safe and nurturing environment for clients to process and understand their feelings and behaviors.

List of Behavioral Health Services


Psychiatric Evaluation

Our providers can provide a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation that can provide a pathway forward to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.  

A mental evaluation is, in its least complex terms, an assessment intended to analyze emotional,  social, or formative conditions to render a diagnosis for treatment. 

The comprehensive assessment will investigate numerous perspectives including formative history, medicinal history, family traits, social environment impact, scholastic/work concerns, and emotional and psychological qualities and disorders.. 

Every provider has his or her own framework for the underlying assessment and a definitive determination may not be made in the principal visit. 

A typical psychiatric evaluation make take 60 to 90 minutes.

Medication Management

After the initial evaluation, a diagnosis is made and a treatment plan is structured with patient stabilization and improvement in conditions as the focus.   At the point when the patient concedes to a prescription and treatment alternative, a drug is chosen and there will be a period of monitoring  to ensure the viability.  This the actual "medication management" part of the process.  The provider has to manage the side effects, effectiveness, and patient compliance when introducing new drugs for treatment.  Since Psychiatric prescriptions are distinctive from person to person, the appropriateness of medication may change from individual to individual.

Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine therapy is a new treatment used to treat severe depression and pain.  It has promising results with fewer side effects than the use of other psychiatric medications.  We use Ketamine Infusions and Nasal Sprays once our provider has choosen the best course of treatment.  Call us now to learn more about Ketamine treatment.